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Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

When we entrust our loved ones to a nursing home, our goal is to keep them safe and ensure that they are well cared for. We never anticipate that they will suffer from abuse or neglect. Sadly, many elderly adults do.Whether your family member was repeatedly allowed to wander off the premises, was overmedicated, was not repositioned properly or was physically abused, you have the right to demand justice and seek compensation. Turn to Riverside nursing home neglect lawyer Steven J. Weinberg for strong and assertive advocacy.With decades of experience and an impressive record of results, Mr. Weinberg is a respected choice for legal counsel. He represents nursing home residents and their families in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California in cases involving:

  • Caregiver neglect — Caregiver neglect can occur in a number of ways, and can either be intentional or a side-effect of understaffing. Regardless of the reason, negligent nursing home staff should be held accountable.
  • Consumer scams — As individuals get older, they become increasingly vulnerable to scams and Ponzi schemes that swindle them out of their hard-earned money and property.
  • Dehydration — Lack of fluids can lead to illnesses like the flu, kidney malfunction and more.
  • Elder abuse — This includes emotional, financial, physical and sexual abuse of residents.
  • Falls — Elderly people are more prone to severe injuries and typically require long-term rehabilitation when they fall.
  • Improper nutrition — If you have noticed a significant difference in your elderly loved one’s eating habits or physical well-being, take immediate action to protect his or her health.
  • Medication errors — These mistakes often occur when the staff is undertrained or in a hurry. Half of all fatal medication errors occur in victims over the age of 60 because elderly people typically take the most prescription medications.
  • Nursing home injuries — Common injuries range from fractured hips to bedsores.
  • Nursing home restraints — Restraints such as bars or safety vests attached to wheelchairs should only be used for safety purposes.
  • Pressure sores — Inappropriate treatment can lead to bedsores, especially when a caregiver neglects to move an elderly person on a frequent basis.
  • Reckless neglect — Elderly residents are not always able to communicate when they have been the victim of reckless neglect, and it is important to contact an attorney if you have any suspicions.
  • Wandering off — Elderly people with Alzheimer’s or those who suffer from diminished cognitive abilities should not be allowed to leave the building unsupervised.
  • Wrongful death — You can take action to seek justice and protect other elderly people by contacting Riverside nursing home abuse lawyer Steven J. Weinberg.

Holding Careless Care Providers Responsible

Mr. Weinberg is fully committed to seeking justice for the injured and their families. Those who take advantage of senior citizens in their care deserve to be held responsible for their irresponsibility. The practice of abuse and neglect must be stopped, and filing a civil claim against the individual and the facility is one way that justice can be served.

Take Action Today

Protecting the elderly from abuse is a real concern to Mr. Weinberg, and his firm is prepared to aggressively pursue compensation in civil court if your loved one has been a victim. To learn more about your rights, call his Palm Desert office at 866-572-0342 or send him an email to arrange a free initial consultation.

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