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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse in Riverside Nursing Homes

Sexual abuse occurs when non-consensual sexual contact of any kind is made with someone who is elderly. This type of sexual crime can be committed by nursing home staff, caregivers, or other residents of the same care facility. Although not heavily reported, sexual abuse in the elderly does occur and can be difficult to identify. Elderly victims of sexual abuse may isolate from family or friends, may become afraid or nervous around the opposite sex, and may even report a sexual assault. Despite these indicators, many incidents of sexual assault on the elderly go unpunished.

There are a variety of indicators of sexual abuse of the elderly including persistent over-medicated states that limit the patient’s ability to call for help, depression, vaginal or anal bleeding, difficulties such as delays or even staff refusal when attempting to visit a patient, specific complaints from the victim, or unexplained sexually transmitted diseases or infections. This unthinkable type of elder abuse is sadly, far too common.

Sexual abuse can lead to physical pain, emotional hardship or mental stress with serious injury, disability and even death. If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse by a family, in-house or nursing home caregiver, speak with a Riverside nursing home abuse lawyer to find out how you can get the representation that will allow you to find justice.

Compensation for Sexual Abuse Malpractice

Since sexual abuse covers a broad spectrum of sexual contact that has been deemed inappropriate, the penalties for sexually abusing the elderly vary greatly from jail or prison time, to sex offender registration, and significant financial penalties in the form of fines. Since 1975, Steven Weinberg has dedicated his career to protecting the interests of victims of medical malpractice like sexual abuse of the elderly, and will work hard to provide you with the highest compensation possible under the law.

Contact a Riverside sexual abuse attorney if you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of a family caregiver, in-house caregiver or nursing home staff employee so that you can seek the justice you are entitled to.

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